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A Twentieth Century Rag

by Steve Gaines

my grand father was a nineteenth century man
as I recall…
sometime in the late seventies…
maybe early eighties
by the turn of the century he was a young man

as a product of that “ancient time”
he might have been a cowboy
or a mountain man
…or a rough-rider
or almost anything
from my early movie moments

he wasn’t…

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Songs of My Sorrows

by Steve Gaines

I am chased through time
by the failures and promises of my past
I do not regret so much
as I wonder about them
to be satisfied with the results of my life
is not a matter of final judgment
results can be counted only once I stop moving…
or breathing
of whatever sort…
is the result of having lived…
in whatever life
so to think about “mending my ways”
or simply learning from the errors of the past
are nonsequiturs
errors can become successes
after time rubs them smooth

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