Is Paula Deen a Racist?

I have been following the saga of Paula Deen as she tries to answer cries against her obvious, inbred, Racism, and her multiplicity of firings from many companies as spokesmodel for their brands.  Do we want to punish Bigots and Racists by removing them from the public eye?  Or do we want them to be heard, so they can be forced into public recantations and corrections?  Slate magazine creates this interesting take on the problem of Paula Deen:

Paula Deen is America’s racist grandma, and we should treat her as such. Racist Grandma may be racist, but she’s also your grandma. You can’t just disown her.

And, contrary to what some might think, having a racist grandma isn’t entirely bad. No doubt there are many white families where racism is passed down generation to generation like some cancerous gene. But for others, seeing that gene and knowing you’re predisposed to it is a warning sign, a nagging reminder to take preventive measures for yourself. I say let’s push racist Grandma back to center stage and let her keep talking.

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Accepting the Mystery of the Blessed Road

You never know when or where a blessing will come your way.  The trick of it is to not expect a blessing — just do the right thing — and let the goodness  flow over you.

In the past, I’ve written here in the Boles Blogs Networkeven though I can’t find the actual article right now to link it — about other “David Boles” people in the world or “Danny Boles” or “Doody Boles” or “Debbie Boles” or “Davon Boles” or or “Dennis Boles” or “Declan Boles” or “Damnyou Boles” who use my Gmail address as their Gmail address because they are not paying enough attention to what their email address really is as they are typing.

Getting someone else’s email happens as a daily part of my routine.  I get bank notices and overdue insurance bills and military savings plans payouts and a whole host of other highly private and embarrassing legal and medical miasma from people that should never end up in my Inbox.

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