Road Trip: Venice to Vienna

We were on a mission — not from God like Jake and Elwood in the Blues Brothers — more like hell given the number of twists and turns the week took, but more of that later. Our mission was to see Robbie Williams in concert in Vienna. Tickets for the concert here were about 50% cheaper than in the UK, so we decided we would take a break and incorporate the concert into the itinerary.

Once we had our precious tickets, we then proceeded to work out the most acceptable way for us to travel. Acceptable to us includes the following criteria — cost, opportunity to see new places, have new adventures, explore new and different cultures, make the most of opportunities, tasting new food and wines, hotels with bath and shower, the opportunity to learn, and most importantly for me, a means of travel which allows me to photograph.

We chose to travel using the motorway network — mainly for speed and our lack of geographical knowledge.

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Michael Phelps: Carnival Sideshow, Not Beloved Superstar

Michael Phelps is another in a long line of wannabe superstar athletes who seeks fame over magnitude and money over propriety.  Will
Phelps have the success in the marketplace like Mark Spitz?  No. 
Phelps is a robot without heart or emotion.  You may not like Spitz,
but at least he has a visible personality.

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