Sprint Samsung a900 Blade Review

I am now using the incredible Samsung a900 “Blade” cellphone on the new high speed Sprint EV-DO network. The huge 1.8″x1.4″ QVGA screen is bright and readable in direct sunlight.

Samsung a900

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Deaf Services Used for Hearing Profit

The Deaf in America are, many times, unable to make a text phone call via the internet because Hearing teenaged pranksters and professional foreign scammers are using the service instead. IP Relay allows a Deaf person to go to a website and place a phone call by typing in the phone number they want to call. A live Operator will dial the call and then voice whatever the Deaf person types and also type whatever is spoken back in response to the Deaf caller.

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Nike Free 5.0 Review

I ordered a pair of Nike Free 5.0 shoes the other day and from the moment I put them on I realized
Nike Free 5.0
how much better technology not only makes our minds, but our feet as well!

The whole idea behind the “Free 5.0” Nike’s is that, even though you are wearing shoes, it feels like you are going barefoot. Nike pulls off that idea in a grand and incredible way.

Here’s how:
The 5.0 shoes come with two inserts: 5.0 and 4.5. You are supposed to use the 5.0 insert first because it has more padding for the balls and heels of your feet.

Then, when your feet are stronger, you put in the 4.5 soles that have no extra padding and then it really feels like you are walking barefoot.

I went right for the 4.5 innersoles because the 5.0 inserts felt like I was wearing regular shoes. I’m already big on barefoot so I felt my feet were strong enough for the 4.5s.

The 4.5s do make you feel as if you are walking barefoot.


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