Peppering the Surveillance Shaker

For the price of a US dollar, our Panopticonic universe just became a little smaller — or larger if you’re a fan of being spied upon by strangers — with the release of “Surveillance Shaker” a new iPhone App that now lets you, with the shake of your iPhone, silently surveil the world without the watched knowing you’re watching.

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Will Obama Watch the NSA?

SuperGenius author Nat Hentoff asks in The Village Voice if Obama is prepared to deal with the National Security Agency’s surveillance of us all — or if he will merely go along with the rules established by the Bush Administration.

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Men in Cars Stalking Women

We know why men toss women into swimming pools, and we know why men have a DNA requirement to try to make women laugh, but what is it about men driving cars and harassing women on the street?  It seems as if the stereotypical wolf-whistle has moved from the sidewalk of a construction site and into the anonymous, mobile, safety of the driver’s seat.

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Stalking Sexual Predators in the Deaf-Blind Community

One of the most vulnerable minorities around us in the world are those who are Deaf and Blind.
Being Deaf — or just being Blind — is enough of a challenge to survival but those who are hit with both disabilities in the same body are truly the world’s misbegotten and they deserve our highest protection.

There are approximately 40,000 people in the United States who are deafblind.  Hearing and vision are the primary senses through which we learn and collect data.  Hearing is the basis of communication and 80 percent of what we learn is through the visual sense.

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