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Google Personalized Start Page for Boles University Review

I was thrilled to wake up this morning to find I can now offer a Google Personalized Start Page for Boles University and that thrill was provided by Google Apps for Your Domain! That means you can have a branded Google homepage for all your users. You begin the customization by changing the CNAME record for your domain. Then you can create a start page URL linked to your domain that might look something like this:


Now all your users can see their email and calendar on a Google start page! Here’s how you begin to change the CNAME record for your domain:

Google Personalized Start Page

Here’s where I added that CNAME entry for my domain hosting service Zone File:

Google Personalized Start Page

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After The Beginning

by Steve Gaines

the beginning…
was my first adventure
gone fishing with a home made pole
and a bent pin hook…
in the spring of nineteen thirty-nine

for the first time out on my own
far far away from home…
in the back yard by the little stream
running its way toward tomorrow…..

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