How to Kill a Man

What is the best way to kill a man with the least effort on our part and that would give him the quickest, most painless, end — while saving us the most money?

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Oh, the Woe of Disabled Evildoers

We are often taught to give the disabled extra accommodation to help them better fit into the mainstream workplace. We are encouraged to be extra kind to the disabled because of their unfair and frail state of living. We are often surprised when we learn the disabled can be just as devious and evil as their able-bodied peers. David Paterson is the current, non-elected Governor of the State of New York — he came into power when Eliot Spitzer was ousted over a hooker scandal — and as a Black and Blind man, we put as much hope in David Paterson as we did Barack Obama to bring some safety and sanity back to governance.

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Can The Arts Create Moral Consequence?

If the Church mandates morality, and if the state fixes our appropriate behavior with laws, ethics, rules and values, what then, is the role of The Arts in the lives of the everyday citizen and must we require the state and the Church to not only support The Arts but to practice them as well?

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Obama and the Godless

It was incredibly refreshing yesterday — during the national prayer breakfast — when President Obama made room for the Godless in the manic realm of a national, religious, fervor and reinforced the necessary separation of church and state.

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Vick Back on the Street and in the Field

It looks like Michael Vick might just be back on a football field sooner than we thought and slower than we hoped:

Michael Vick said he was remorseful for his past actions involving his dogfighting activities as he entered a guilty plea to state charges Tuesday at the Sussex County Courthouse. In a plea deal that was agreed upon before he travelled from Leavenworth, Kansas to the Hopewell Regional Jail in Virginia, the Atlanta Falcons quarterback pleaded guilty to charges of attending, sponsoring and promoting dogfighting.

Vick, who didn’t plead guilty to animal cruelty, received a three-year suspended jail term and four years of probation. The prison term is suspended provided Vick can display good behavior for four years.

“Remorse” is not enough.  Vick should serve our his full prison punishment and rightfully confess to animal cruelty — even if he didn’t plead to it — and then completely reveal his moral and financial role in the killing of dogs for betting profit.

The New Barack is Blue

Barack Obama turned the world Blue.  Red Republicans claim there is no Obama mandate, but we who won the world — know the United States is forever changed — but how can we semiotically prove the provenance of the Blue Mandate?

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Is Poland the 51st State?

On June 22, 2008 — I read an interesting article in The New York Times claiming the sovereign state of Poland was, in fact, the 51st state of the United States.
I wonder what sort of tax rate the people of Poland will pay to help us bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

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