Born this Way: Chaz Bono, Jo Calderone and a Fake Penis

I am disturbed by all the hate focused on Chaz Bono as he competes on Dancing with the Stars:

“Of course, they knew there would be some anti-Bono calls and emails,” said a longtime “DWTS” insider. “But this has been more vicious and in larger volume than was anticipated. … Some of the comments are downright scary,” the source added.

It seems some of the negativity may be coming from ABC viewers in the Bible Belt — riled up by denunciations of Bono in sermons delivered by unhappy preachers.

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The Sean Hayes Newsweek Homophobic Slur

When I watched Forrest Gump navigating a boat and catching hundreds of pounds of fish, I never once thought to myself that it was completely unrealistic for Tom Hanks to portray a shrimp boat captain because he was not a shrimp boat captain. Nor did I have a problem with Gary Sinise as a lieutenant who lost his legs in Vietnam injury — even though I knew fully well that Gary’s legs were perfectly fine. Why, then, does Ramin Setoodeh of Newsweek insist that a gay man cannot convincingly play a straight character?

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Correcting the Slit-Eye

In “Mocking the Slit-Eye” we investigated the racist and stereotypical tendency of some cultures to make fun of the “Asian Eye” by pulling down the skin next to the eye toward the ear to create the “Classic Asian Look.”  As you can see below, the “Slit-Eye” is considered such a problem for some Asians that they surgically “correct” what nature and genetics provided straight out of the box.  Teen sensation Miley Cyrus was even caught making the “Slit-Eye” gesture on camera.

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