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David Boles University

Stone Age Music in the Time of Bone Flutes

Music humanizes us and the need to make sounds beyond the confines of our throats is a basic, human, urge.  Thanks to a recent scholarly archaeological dig, we now have evidence of man-made bone flutes from the Stone Age. 

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Urban Semiotic

An Ordinary Jesus

We already know Jesus was found dead in his grave — but the recent news that the entire Jesus “resurrection miracle” may have not been anything terribly special in light of a new discovery of a stone scroll extolling the common practice of dead people arising from their eternal slumber in order to live again decades before our favorite Jewish Messiah made his move — leaves some of us wondering what’s left in the Jesus trunk of miracles.

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Beware the Freeloading Freelancer!

I have worked as a freelance author, artist and performer for my entire adult life.  I support honest freelancers that share the same work ethic and morality.  I believe in set project prices.  I do not believe in gouging people with an invented hourly rate that suddenly appears when the bill arrives.

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Urban Semiotic

Elegant or Not?

We recently discussed the old, awful chestnut — “With All Due Respect…” — and how that phrase is an indicator of an insult or a criticism to come. What is the best way to approach someone with criticism? Do you need to set them up first with a padded phrase? Is it best to just start a critical sentence without an introductory warning? 

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Boles Blogs

The Sh*t and the Pendulum

When I was in graduate school at Columbia University fifteen years ago, I was honored to serve as the great script author Peter Stone’s Associate for the Broadway production of The Will Rogers Follies.

Peter Stone

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Go Inside

Camp Chapungu: Listen to the Stone

by Nancy McDaniel

OK, OK, how many times has someone told you that an event “really changed my life?”

I recently participated in a stone carving workshop taught by a Master Sculptor from Zimbabwe.

It didn’t exactly change my life, but it did open me up and taught me ever-so-much more than how to carve stone.

This is that story.

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