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Planet Waves Locking Guitar Straps

If you play the guitar, you know the hunt for the perfect strap can be a lifelong longing.  I’m happy to report the discovery of Planet Waves Locking straps for your guitar.  You don’t have to replace anything on your guitar to use the strap.  The Planet Waves locking system is safe for your guitar and once the strap is locked onto your guitar, nothing is going anywhere.

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Some of Our Favorite Music Articles

This blog was founded on the notion to better centralize our articles on music, reviews and thoughts and contemplations on melody.  Here is how we came to land here.

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The Wildwood Guitars Review

The Holy Grail for any guitar consumer, collector and player is to find a “Guitar Guy” who fits their need, fulfills their wants, and who pays attention to covering all the details while extending a fair price and an open hand for service.  After an intensive five-month search, I have finally found my Guitar Guy — his name is Troy Benns — and he works wonders for Wildwood Guitars in Louisville, Colorado.  You can see below my new, incredible, Fender Vintage Hot Rod ’57 Stratocaster that arrived yesterday from Wildwood.

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The Fender Swag Review

When you write a lot of blogs on a variety of topics, there are few real surprises left in life because you’ve read and written and dreamt it all.  However, after I wrote my Fender and Gibson branded clothing review, I was genuinely surprised to receive an email from Fender thanking me for my review. I paid for all the Fender and Gibson clothes in my original review and I did not contact Fender or Gibson to let them know my review was published.  Fender found me.  Gibson did not.

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