The Eight-Year Jersey City Crossing Guard Who Lost His Heart

I do a lot of walking in New York City and Jersey City.  There’s one particular corner in Jersey City that always strikes fear deep in my heart and stabs me down betwixt my toes with absolute pity and terror:  The “crosswalk” — angularly located at the bisection of Nardone Place and John F. Kennedy Boulevard West — spans five lanes of traffic, at least six turning car angles aiming straight at you, and a long walk that means you actually must run as fast as you can to make it safely across the street.

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The Disabled Defense: Canes and Wheelchairs

I am a wide supporter of the disabled and devices that help them live better and easier lives. However, in the last few years, I’ve witnessed odd behavior on the streets, and in public gathering spaces, that sounds an alarm of concern. Some people in wheelchairs — actually, the person pushing the wheelchair, not the rider — and those who use canes, are beginning to use those facilitation devices as weapons!

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How the iPad Shattered the iPhone

If you have a sensitive constitution, please be forewarned this article contains graphic images that might nauseate you. If you’re willing to be shocked and somewhat saddened about the shattering of a iPhone by an iPad, then read on — if you are unable to abide the inexcusable accident — turn away now. Okay, then. Here’s how the story began:  A mysterious and cryptic email arrived late yesterday afternoon.

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Museum Street Food

If you’ve ever lived in a Big City, you have eaten in the street on the run.  Dornbracht has a wonderful museum show demonstrating how food vendors across the world do their jobs from the gutter.

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Obama Horse

Obama hasn’t been president a week yet and he’s already horse on the street:

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Sorry, But Thanks

Gordon Davidescu wrote this article.

One day last week as I was waiting to go to the synagogue where I regularly go to services. I noticed a young woman standing across 96th street holding a cup of, what I assumed to be, coffee. I remember thinking to myself that because it was a Jewish holiday on that day, I was not able to buy myself my own cup of coffee and would have to accept a cup of instant coffee instead. I briefly looked at the cup of coffee cup and then looked back down at the street.

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Men in Cars Stalking Women

We know why men toss women into swimming pools, and we know why men have a DNA requirement to try to make women laugh, but what is it about men driving cars and harassing women on the street?  It seems as if the stereotypical wolf-whistle has moved from the sidewalk of a construction site and into the anonymous, mobile, safety of the driver’s seat.

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