The Risk of Erasing History with Ignorance

In the annals of time, history stands tall as an undying repository of deeds, triumphs, failures, and fables that have defined humanity’s trajectory. It is with a tinge of dismay, and a hint of alarming concern, that we discuss the burgeoning contempt for history against the people who dare not to know. We’re not just combating ignorance; we’re fighting an unfortunate relegation of the past to the inconsequential.

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The Two Week MFA

After four years, we still hold the one-year Masters degree in utter disdain.  I recently learned that an old adjunct friend of mine was forced to get an MFA degree — a Master of Fine Arts — in order to keep her college teaching job.

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Can Art Be Quantified?

When we have a national discourse about money and Art and the role of the artist in society, we are left with a massive hole of misunderstanding that cannot yet be bridged: You Cannot Quantify Art.

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How to Fix a Script

Scripts are written to be broken.  Scripts get shattered in process by misunderstood meaning, poor plot development and shoddy character formation — and that’s all before a director even reads the thing! 

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Cheating the Ten Thousand Hour Rule

We live the life of the Outlier and while that is a difficult existence in all realities, there is also a certain satiety in being able to view the mainstream from afar and learn from their mistakes in mass thinking.  SuperGenius author Malcolm Gladwell argues in his “Outlier” book that the rule for finding the greatest success in life costs you 10,000 hours of practice and study.

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The Artful Kiss and the Scientific Pucker

Are you kissing your beloved the right way?  Are you aware there is science in lips and research in the tongue?  A soft, magical, kiss has hard science behind every salty pucker.

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How to Find the Right ASL Teacher

Janna and I teach American Sign Language online and in books through our Hardcore ASL program.  We are often asked by students and schools how one can find the right ASL teacher.
Here are some things you should ask to know:

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