Interactive Actors Acting Acted

The New York Times likes to consider itself the “newspaper of record” — and so when they place their foot on the throat of a production to test their muscle — theatre people the world over cringe and hope they don’t get hit with the tainted shrapnel.  The NYTimes recently promoted an interactive “lesson in movie acting” with 14 celebrities “emoting” on their website.

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Why is Vern Yip Such a Bitch?

What is wrong with Vern Yip, and why is he being such a bitch?  I hate using the “b-word” — but sometimes there is the perfect time and place for its employment and now is one of those times.  We first grew to know and love Vern on “Trading Spaces.”  He was the best designer on that show, and we admired his caring for people and his brilliance in design.

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Elvis Presley Sings the Memphis Blues

Today is Elvis Presley’s 75th birthday and instead of celebrating him, we instead must deal with our woe in missing him, and in coping with what he left behind, and we’re left this way because of his his selfishness in drug addiction.

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Arguing Against Corridor Teaching

We must always teach our children universal ideas.  The temptation to “corridor” teach them — instead of bending young minds open to other doorways for learning — is a national failing of a teaching philosophy.

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