Left Out in the Freezing Sun, We Lost Our Seasons

Growing up in the Midwest, there were absolute seasons.  When the calendar flipped from Summer to Autumn, the weather and temperatures would change accordingly.  You knew you had a good couple of good months of cool, calm, “football weather” before the Winter doldrums would come knocking on your door with wind, sleet, snow and ice and what felt like an eternal darkness.

Today, it appears global warming has changed our seasonal expectations, and that is a comprehensively sad fact. My FedEx guy, sweating in the humid heat of the Autumn one day and freezing in the wintry Autumn wind the next, said it best: “We’ve lost our seasons.”

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The Summer Starbucks Teavana Review

I have always been a big coffee drinker.  I also enjoy a good cuppa green tea — even though I’m an infamous bagger and not a loose leaf sort of fellow.  That all changed across the last week as I discovered Teavana — the Tea Heaven place now owned by Starbucks.  Lately, Starbucks have been making a big tea push.  They purchased Tazo tea and now Teavana are deep in the mermaid fold.  Starbucks seems to know their future is read in tea leaves and not coffee beans.

The key to making a great cuppa loose leaf tea is in the tea maker and Teavana makes a perfect one.  You just steep and let gravity do the rest.  Cleaning up tea leaves is a much simpler and crisper job than having to clean up coffee grounds from a French press.

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A 30-Year-Old Perfume Poisoning and the Three-Day Sneeze

Is it possible to poison oneself with a spritz from a 30-year-old bottle of perfume?  Can one create their own self-inflicted bioterror attack and suffer the consequences for three straight days of full-body sneezing?  I am here to testify that it is not only possible, it just happened to me!

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The Olympics: Men of Summer, Women of Winter

I was listening to SportsRadio in New York City the other day and I heard an interesting argument from the on-air host.  He believes the Summer Olympics are intended for male fans, while the Winter Olympics are intended for female fans.

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Summer Subway Underworld

When the heat soars and The Girls in Their Summer Dresses are on parade, the penises come out, hands start grabbing for flesh, and the whole world becomes hot and bothered!
A Recent New York Times article unmasked the ugly truth of the Summer subway underworld:

Women know the drill. Just as some men reflexively check to see if they have their wallets on a crowded train, women check their bodies.
Pull in your backside and your front. Wedge a large bag for protection between yourself and the nearest anonymous male rider, who might, just might, be planning something. Put on your fiercest face, and brace yourself for contact that seems too deliberate to be accidental, too prolonged to be random.

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Macbeth & The Summer (An Actor's Tale)

by Steve Gaines

by the time she began to live in my brain
the words she would say were drilled into me
and the hold she had on me was well defined
by the hours we had spent wrestling on the floor
rehearsing the fire we would we burn in

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