David vs. the Google Goliath

We all love fighting a good moral brawl.  When Slide stole 3,000 fake money coins from me in April of 2009, I was livid and I wrote about it in the early morning hours of the 23rd:

I enjoy playing Slide.com’s SuperPoke Pets and I’ve raved about SuperPoke Pets and ranted about SuperPoke Pets. Today, I am enraged — not by the game I have come to love — but rather by the lack of an artful and loving Slide.com technical response to what should have been a simple problem to solve.  This is the story of a false accusation — an unfair incarceration of character if you will — and its ultimate unraveling in the light of indisputable, human, facts.

After I wrote my article, Google bought Slide for $200 million and recently decided to close down all the Slide games.  There is now no more SuperPoke Pets.  The game is over. People are furious.  I was intrigued that I was mentioned last week in a Facebook comments stream where people are trying to save the game:

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SuperPoke Pets Spins Straw into Gold

UPDATE April 23, 2009:  After getting an inappropriate comment on this article
from Slide
this morning, my wife and I have decided to no longer play.  We’re through.  Any links to our SuperPoke Pets sites are no longer active
and should be considered dead.  Why should we pay for that sort of
attitude from a company?  We’re voting with our billfold and the answer
is, “No thank you.”

Few of us know the value of a dollar other than we can make purchases in the real world with money that is given worth based on a common exchange of economic agreements.  What, then, is the value of a Gold Dollar?  If you play Slide.com’s SuperPoke Pets, you know the game isn’t any fun any longer unless you use your real world dollars to buy Slide Virtual Gold. In the images of my pet’s habits below, the animated things cost Gold while the Superheroes were “purchased” with earned “coins.”

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