Becoming Superhuman with Down Syndrome

Is there Superhuman power hiding in the DNA of the Down Syndrome Simian Crease? 

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How the Superman Syndrome Ruins Student Writing

Hubris is dangerous in the classroom.  The student that believes nothing can be learned that isn’t already known catches nothing.  The instructor that believes in an all-knowing prescience guarantees nothing worthwhile is cast for the capturing.  That battle between student and teacher can dangerously become a war between good and evil — and that fight leaves no winners on the field of learning.

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I Had a Down Syndrome Baby, and So Will You!

When scheming politicians like Sarah Palin use the private lives of their children to sharpen their public policy points — the moderate middle recoils in horror as we begin to realize what she decides for herself is precisely what she wants for the rest of us.  Using her Down Syndrome child as the tip of her policy spear, Palin calls abortion an “atrocity,” and she refuses to consider rape or incest in any decision to abort a foetus.   Palin wants all pregnancies to end in live births.   What the Sarah Palin mandate means for the rest of us is clear and simple and frightening:  I had a Down Syndrome baby, and so will you!”

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Diagnosing Down Syndrome

In the March 2005 issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics the results of a survey were revealed that concerned the counseling of women pregnant with Down Syndrome babies. Too often, the report reveals, women are presented with only the negative side of Down Syndrome:

Mothers who have children with Down syndrome, diagnosed prenatally, reported that doctors did not tell them about the positive potential of people with Down syndrome nor did they feel like they received enough up-to-date information or contact information for parent support groups. Further yet, the mothers report that all of these shortcomings are happening at an emotional time when women have to decide whether or not to continue their pregnancies.

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