A Stack of Smokes is Now $11.25 in New York City

The price of a single pack of cigarettes in New York City is now $11.25USD — and that’s just for an ordinary brand.  If you’re buying imported, you are going to pay a whole lot more.  Marshall Jamison — my friend, inspiration and mentor — used to smoke English Ovals by the fistful, and I’m sure he would be sickened by the high rise prices for a stack of smokes.

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Deducting the Cat

As medicine advances to not only heal humans, but the pet population as well, we should begin to wonder what makes a family and how we want our federal government to respond to the needs and wishes of everything that makes up the “family unit.”

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Nigger Tax

As a Pasty White Boy from Nebraska, I was shocked to find out a few years ago that I am, indeed, a Nigger.

I was schooled in this several years ago by a young Black man in the Bronx, New York. He taught me why being perceived and labeled a “Nigger” doesn’t always have to do with the color of your skin but it has everything to do with power and an attempt to enforce obedience.

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