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Tax Break for Pet Owners

If you’ve ever struggled to medically save the life of a dying pet, you know the end-of-life costs can be extravagant if you choose to try prolong life instead of just ending it. A year ago, I wondered in an article — Deducting the Cat — why pets weren’t considered part of the family and eligible as tax deductions for their veterinary care. I was delighted to learn this week there is now a move afoot to allow a $3,500.00USD “pet deduction” on your income tax.

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Taxing the Burden of Society

It is Tax Day in America.  Do you owe any money or are you getting money back?  Did you submit your tax return online or through paper mail?  If you don’t live in the USA do you feel you pay too many taxes — or not enough — for the benefits you receive?

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Paying the Man

Yesterday was Drop Dead Day for paying your taxes in America, but taxes are a worldwide phenomenon that cannot be resisted or denied if you are an active participant in society.

I’m always amazed by the people who purposefully overpay during the year and use the IRS as a savings account and then “get surprised” when they get a big refund each year. How did you do this year?

Did you pay in or get back?

Do you know people who refuse to file taxes?

Do you pay any state tax?

Do you pay a local or city tax?

Do you feel you’re getting value out what you pay in?

If yes, why? If not, why not?

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The Tax Man Cometh

Last week we sent in our taxes and another yearly duty was done. We’re getting a bit back this year though not as much as last year. The only predictable thing about doing your taxes in America is the process is always unpredictable.

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