The Tea Party

Yes, I know “The Tea Party” is a beloved term in USA Politics for a Republican Political group — but do you know what? I think you need to remember the rest of the world’s associations with the phrase you have called yourselves and maybe rebrand accordingly.

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Bagging the Tea Party

I have been stumped why the miscreants in the Tea Bag Party haven’t been shunned and shown the curb by now when it comes to governing our nation.  Instead of summarily dismissing them for their insane, anti-American wishes, the President kowtows to them and coddles them and attempts to pacify them.  The Republicans are terrified of their own radicals and refuse to control them.  What now?  Unrestrained hatred will flow downhill into every creek and river to poison the land and foul the watershed until we’re all dead or dying.

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Do Republicans Want to Create Jobs or Destroy Workers?

In the months leading up to the elections last November, many Republicans ran on Tea Party based platforms, their campaigns centering on the theme that they, unlike their Democrat opponents, were seeking to create jobs — something that would surely be good for the people electing them. The nation went pretty wild for this campaigning as many Republicans were swept into office. One would have to assume that since they campaigned on the promise of creating jobs, their first plans upon entry into office would have something to do with creating jobs.

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