Steve Jobs and On Being Teachable

A good friend of mine, who happens to be in his late 80’s — or his “Pre-Nineties” as he sometimes fondly proclaims — has been a lifelong educator.  He is responsible for helping form many genius minds.  As he eases into the final stage of his life, he has had to have some physical therapy to help him walk again.  After his most recent round of therapy, his physical therapist told him to tell his doctors that he’s “has better balance now, has more strength now and can walk better now than ever before!”  That was joyous news to my friend, but the biggest compliment was yet to come when his therapist added, “You’re teachable!  You’re almost 90 years old and you’re still teachable!”

What a moment that was for my friend.  After a 60-year teaching career, the teacher was still “teachable” and in the afterglow of having that terrific story shared with me, my mind turned to Steve Jobs who had just died.  Was Steve Jobs teachable?  Or did he think he knew more than his doctors?

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