Google Apps Premier Video is Broken

When we were notified by Google that Video was coming to Google Apps Premier — sans SSL protection — we were excited to add video to Boles University.

We set up the video service in our GApps dashboard.

We uploaded a few videos.

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The Great Depression Depression

Gordon Davidescu wrote this article.

In theory, it was all supposed to go a certain way. I was supposed to have everything in my apartment packed and either shipped, sold, or eliminated in other ways. I was supposed to stay with a friend on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for a little while until I found my own place to live, and then I was going to live there. That is how it was supposed to go, but that is not at all how it went; life has had other plans for me thusfar.

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When Tech Editors Go Bad

If you write a book that deals with computers or the Internet you will likely have an important cog in your editorial process in the form of a Technical Editor.

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A Pornographic Hectoring from the Grave

NBC News’ Brian Williams breathlessly resurrected a killer before our eyes last night in the visceral perversion of airing the pornographic rantings of a madman — under the guise of news and beneath the veil of human contempt — thus guaranteeing a shooter’s immortality while completely burying the names and the accomplishments of the real and undeserved dead. 

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Tombstones Replacing Diplomas: A Deadeye Massacre at Virginia Tech

The assassination of 33 students at Virginia Tech yesterday — creating the bloodiest massacre among 25,000 students across 2,600 campus acres in the modern history of the United States — begs the relationship between revenge, access to guns, and the rightful expression of fury in a civilized society.

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Fragging Iomega Tech Support

I fell prey to a fantastic and colorful email advertisement from Iomega on Tuesday night. I was successfully enticed to purchase their brand-new 400gig Firewire/USB external hard disk drive. I am working on a lot of projects right now that require huge image files and having a place to store them off my main system is a dream, I thought, that would finally come through with this fine Iomega purchase. I paid $380 for the drive plus $30 for FedEx Next-Day shipping. I was about to be wallowing in gigabyte bliss! The order was processed on Wednesday and it arrived yesterday at 10:00am. When I opened the box I was pleased to find a welcoming, hot pink, instruction sheet with a 2004 Copyright inviting me to call, toll-free, if I had any technical problems with the drive. Continue reading → Fragging Iomega Tech Support