Tempering Teenage Angst

Teenagers easily get bored.  To fill that idle time they can study, play or work.  Sometimes that idle time turns into crime in the streets and the best way to use teen energy is to put it to work in the marketplace so they become vested and productive movers in the community.  There’s no better cure for teen angst than working for your daily bread.

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Troubled Teens? Dump Them in Nebraska!

The great state of Nebraska is learning the hard way — in vicious examples — of the dire importance of precision in the law.  The Cornhusker State is dealing with the humiliating dumping of teenagers under their new “Safe Haven” — a law written so broadly that any minor child is eligible for abandonment into state care — without any legal or financial repercussion for the parent or custodian.

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Living With Teens: How to Survive It!

by Peggy Kumke

Do you have a teenager? If you have children you sooner or later will understand what it is like to live with them. Teens are so different from most people. They live in a different world. I know this because I have teenagers.

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