Predatory Pricing Policies and Owning the Right of First Sale

John Wiley & Sons came up bupkis in the Supreme Court of the Unites States in their Copyright infringement case against a Cornell student who was reselling Wiley textbooks published in Thailand in the USA at a highly discounted rate.  One would think that ruling is terrible for textbooks and for authors — the opposite is true.

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Beating Cervical Cancer with Vinegar

My brother used to play this song for me after which a bonus section would play — the band being The Swirlies and the song being Wrong Tube from the album Blonder Tongue Audio Baton — their discography is freely downloadable from their site — about how interesting it would be if it turned out that the cure to extremely distressing diseases and cancer came from seemingly bizarre combinations, like twigs from the Brazillian rainforest mixed with Mountain Dew. I have been a life long advocate of more natural remedies, stemming from the fact that my mother subscribed to Prevention magazine as long as I could remember and we were always taken to homeopathic and natural doctors in addition to the more traditional doctors — both were consulted before decisions were made.

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No Word for Depression

We rely on words to define us.  If we try to express a specific condition without the right words attached, we become lost and we are unable to clearly understand each other.  While teaching one of my Public Health courses, a group discussion about clinical depression led us into an examination of the word “depression” and how the home cultures of some of the students’ parents did not allow, or define, the concept of “depression” in a serious, medical, sense.

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