First Right to Protest

We, The Americans, have always held dear the foundational concept of protesting in the public square to express dissatisfaction with the status quo — and to also call others to action to join us against the latest repression at a hand coming down from above us without a velvet glove.

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Never Speak to the Actors!

There’s an old, weary, chestnut in the theatre — that deserves to be burned alive, eaten whole, pooped out and buried in the deep blue sea and then never spoken of again — that goes a little something like this, when directors say to Playwrights: “Never Speak to the Actors!”

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Panopticonic Thought and Military Thinking

Do we create our thoughts?  If we create them, do we own them?  The United States Army is working on new “thought helmets” where “thought synthesis” between soldiers will be immediate an unspoken. 

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