Practice Tips and Techniques from John "Jack" Malmström

If you’ve been playing a musical instrument for awhile, and you’re feeling a little stale in your practice, here are some tips that might encourage you to keep pressing forward to improve your technique.

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Never Do These Things in a Restaurant

Please help me make a list of things you should NEVER do while eating in a restaurant. I’ll start with these tidbits from good friends who work in the business: 

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Doughnut Making Tips

by Joyce Kohl

Here are some tips and tricks on making the best tasting doughnuts possible!

Fat: What to Use and How to Use It
Vegetable fats or bland vegetable oils are the best because they heat quickly, are almost odorless and do not burn as readily as butter or margarine. Put enough fat or oil in a pan that will be about 3-4 inches lower than the rim of the pan or skillet or deep-fryer. Then heat to the correct temperature before adding doughnuts. Use caution when adding doughnuts in that you don’t lower the temperature – that is, add them slowly and not too many at a time. If the oil temperature is too low, doughnuts will absorb the oil. If the temperature is too high, the doughnuts will brown too fast and may not be thoroughly cooked in the centers.

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