The Pancake Rules: Crowdsourcing Edition

In the delicious spirit of How to Make Toast and Where Frosting Belongs and The Great American Brownies Debate, I bring you:  The Pancake Rules — where we will properly crowdsource the rules of how to properly create, serve, cut and eat the ordinary pancake.

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Toast Guy Bitten by an Apple iPhone?

I woke up this morning to news from MacRumors that the first digital images taken with an Apple iPhone appear to have appeared on the web.
The legend goes — so far — someone did a Google search on “taken with an Apple iPhone” and that search led them to a public Flickr account with these two images:

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How to Make Toast

Am I the only one who knows how to properly toast bread into a work of art? Toasting is simple, fun and addictive and you can do it with a $9.99 toaster (or a $9.00 toaster if you’re a man). The first rule of toasting is to turn up the heat high enough and long enough so the toast changes color to a golden earthiness and changes texture to a crusty crunch on the outside while the inner mantle is still moist and soft: You want brown edges and tanned face.

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