Twitter Going Toes Up

We love it when our prescience is proven right in the marketplace.  In March, we predicted the demise of Twitter, and today, we have growing evidence that Twitter will soon be going toes up.

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Black Measles Miracle: How I Survived Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

[Publisher’s Note — December 14, 2016: Thanks to the Internet Archive, we were able to resurrect this important article from 2008 that has been missing from our publication canon for many years! We found this article in the Wayback Machine by doing a search on the old Urban Semiotic URL for this article that we found in another article we published.

We have retained the original article URL and publication date and time stamp to preserve pre-existing links. We have copied and pasted the original article — in situ — directly from to preserve provenance. The images are missing. The links redirect to back to the Wayback Machine — just as it all should be now! The missing image artifacts looks like this archive was snapped while we were on Movable Type! Now that’s a memoryPlease donate to the Internet Archive — we did the second the Internet Archive resurrected this excellent work! 

You can’t have better proof than this that the Internet Archive is valuable and necessary to preserving the us of us!]

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