Top Ten Things We Want to Fix

UPDATE:  May 24, 2010.  I think I found a better tonight than the current “Bodily Fluids” theme — so we’ll now make the former , #9a.  Read on for the rest of the update below!

In our — Top Ten Things We Love About — article, we gave you the things we found to fondly appreciate after a two-year leave of absence.  Now, after being back in the sack again for a week or so, we’re going to give you the doppelganger for that article in this review of the Top Ten Things We Want to Fix… in no particular order.

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Top Ten Things We Love About

The 13-blog Strong Boles Blogs Network have been back on for a week or so, and in our two-year absence, there are many new things that have caught the love our eye.  Here are our Top Ten moments of rediscovered passion in no particular order.

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Top Ten Reasons I Love My MacBook Pro

I have had my MacBook Pro for a month now and so far I believe it is the best machine I have ever owned. I have owned a lot of machines! The key to loving the MacBook Pro was to make it my main box — my ThinkPad T43p is still here — but over there as my secondary machine now. Now I do everything with my MacBook Pro.

I have been able to nearly replicate my entire Windows experience on my MacBook Pro by purchasing or cross-grading over to the Mac version of the software. Here are the Top Ten Reasons I am loving my MacBook Pro:

1. Mail: I do a lot of email every day. I get a lot of Spam and Junk. I need to easily reply to 11 email accounts throughout an 18 hour workday using IMAP. The bundled Mail application in OS X is truly magnificent. It beats Outlook 2003 and Entourage 2004 in every conceivable way. The application is fast, robust, reliable and super-easy to setup and manage. I could not ask for a better way to manage my mail and the fact that Mail is bundled for free as part of my MacBook Pro experience is a delight unlike no other.