How Not to Find a Jewish Wife

This article is a little tip for Jewish men (that’s what she said!) who are looking for a wife in New York City.

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A Little Thanks to Rabbi Goodman

From the time I first met him in the Rutgers Student Center handing out menorahs for Chanukah for when I left Rutgers, Rabbi Baruch Goodman really helped me out quite a lot. I would like to give some thanks.

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Yeshiva 101

On the first day of being in the Ohr Somayach yeshiva, it was one of the six annual fast days that traditional Jews observe – thus, one of the rabbis humorously referred to our dinner as our breakfast. This was after an eight hour plane ride during which time we partook in the morning services in the rear of the plane, a long wait in the passport / visa registration area, and a fairly long (yet inexpensive) cab ride.

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