Toxic Chinese Food

It is the rather unfortunate truth that in the pursuit of the greatest profits possible, food manufacturers will sometimes take measures that put the health of the consumer at risk, whether knowingly or unknowingly — it turns to criminality when the health problem is brought to the attention of the manufacturer and they continue to press forward just to make a few extra dollars.

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The Shameful Deceit of Corn Sugar

When something is so bad that just the mention of the name of that thing makes people shiver with disgust, what is the best thing for the people associated with that thing to do? Change the name of that thing to make it sound like something completely different, of course? Let’s say you run a billion dollar company that most people associated with killing millions of people through tobacco products. I am referring to Philip Morris, of course. What do you do if you run this bad name company? Change it to Altria, of course.

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