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How a Rumor Mill Grinds the Truth

How do Rumor Mills get started?  How does that vicious machine take the truth and re-grind it into false consumption by the masses?

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Lies or Unknown Truths?

I have a lovely friend who is known to make up fanciful lies — mainly to entertain those that whirl around her in New York — and to assuage any pain or lonesomeness in her life.

You always wonder where her reality begins and the fantasy ends.

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In Gut We Trust

Do you have a good gut? Do you trust what your gut tells you?

Many people believe relying on your gut reaction is an unproven, emotional, response that is indecipherable and indiscernible when it comes to determining faction from fiction.

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Condemning Editorial Censorship

It’s always disappointing when a writer has their work censored by an editor.  One should always be wary of publishers that value editors more than authors.

How do you handle the wants and desires of an editor with an obvious internal agenda who wishes to wound and harm the project with false self-elevation, political correctitude and sanctimonious righteousness?

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In Favor of Contemplation

If one hopes to create something of everlasting worth, one must take deep moments to pause and contemplate the idea in time, space, and proximity to an eternal truth.

Contemplation leads to questions and answers that may not be readily provided.

It is in that chasm between the wondering and the answering that gives us context for caution against living and dying and we too often wage death over the sin of life.

These Truths

by Marshall Jamison

We don’t hear their words with true respect
Nor do we honor what they mean,
Those words they wrote and spoke with pride
Before they left the scene.
We Hold These Truths To Be — they are
Only if we make them so!

All Men Are Created Equal says their dream.

Never to be whispered low
But trumpeted boldly on the wind,
Carrying to all this message of
Real worth:
Have respect, for all who honor those words
Fashioned at our Country’s birth,
By the wise men who created and trusted
Their great master plan,
Showing by example, their true belief in
The brotherhood of man.