Don’t Drone Me, Dude!

Don’t Tase Me, Bro!” will soon be out-hollered by us all in a new plea against the machine: “Don’t Drone Me, Dude!” — completely performed in the outcry of public theatricality that now passes for national security. Where once our shoes had more dangerous derring-do than the hovering skies above us — today, we are forced to realize our ordinary, everyday, overlord drones are blackening our city skies and that they are inherently more dangerous than all the guns in heaven.

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When A Gun At an Airport Indicates Forgetfulness

While traveling to California and back, I was certainly glad that, for whatever reason, the TSA did not ask my family to undergo the scary full body screening. I was apprehensive about being asked to choose to do either that or go through a rather unpleasant pat down that some people have characterized as feeling like being molested. I have always wondered how efficient the TSA really is at actually catching people who are up to no good, and when I found out about a gentleman who somehow made it past the TSA and flew without either a valid ticket or a passport, I really had to wonder. It therefore made me raise an eyebrow when I read about the case of Tam Nguyen, who was imprisoned because he brought a handgun to the airport — albeit not intentionally.

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The Loaded Gun to Cuba and the TSA

For the last eight years, we have been subject to ever increasing scrutiny by airport security when traveling by air. From taking off our shoes to measuring out exact measures of shampoo, going from point A to point B by air has slowly turned into an exercise in greater and greater public humiliation at the hands of the TSA.

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Tomorrow is National TSA Opt Out Day!

Tomorrow is National Opt Out Day, and if you are flying in an airplane, I urge you to stand against full-body radiation as a ridiculous cure against terrorism and stand up and demand to be groped — in public! — by a randy TSA agent in full view of your flying compatriots.  On June 9, 2008, I wrote this article — No Private Parts Privacy — lamenting the total loss of discretion while flying the unfriendly skies.  Tomorrow is the payoff for my previous prescience.

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Is It Worth a Search If Nothing Is Ever Found?

In the world of sales, if a sales person were to make one hundred thousand calls and were unable to make even a single sale, that person would undoubtedly be fired. Similarly, if a group of scientists were trying to prove that a certain sort of amoeba existed in a particular environment and searched in one hundred thousand different locations and found no amoeba, it would make sense to conclude that the amoeba was not going to likely be found in that environment.

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