Animal Abuse in the Name of Meat

Every day, anywhere from three to five times per day, we make important choices about the foods we choose to consume. What is going to fill our plates and bowls — beyond meeting the need to keep our bellies full and our nutritional needs met, is anything else important? I would certainly say so, given how much of the food that gets sold ends up in its tidy packaging on the store shelf.

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Obama Needs Turkey

The great thrill of watching President Obama rotating in the wilds of the world, is his deftness in convincing other sovereign nations that the USA is, in fact, a reasonable country despite our recent, warring, record in the world.  Evidence of his deference and respect has been demonstrated this week during his visit to Turkey even as local citizens protest his presence.

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The Sarah Palin Turkey Slaughter

We are not fans of that awful Sarah Palin woman because she is insensitive and narrow-minded.  Her recent interview in front of a live turkey slaughtering station just proves to us again how wrong she is for America.

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