Two Worlds Embracing (Part Five)

by María L. Trigos S. Gilbert

I remember my father’s words, and I don’t like them. “Darling, my very darling, you better learn and learn well because I will not last forever on this earth.” Those words were so simple and almost a cliché coming from an older person, specially from a father or from a mother. I think that sons and daughters have heard those words in one time or another as so I did when my father told me so.

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Two Worlds Embracing (Part Four)

by María L. Trigos S. Gilbert

“Do your chores first,” my mother always tells me. My father more likely would say, “One must do what one must do.” During all those previous centuries to the actual XX century, people complained more and more about not having free time to do the things they want, but the ones they need to, have to.

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Two Worlds Embracing (Part Three)

by Maria L. Trigos S. Gilbert

Time is a wonderful thing for all of us. We need time for everything, and there are some moments when we complaint for the lack of it, to do what we have the desires for in different opportunities. Yet friendship is something that needs all the time that it may get from both parts of some friends or acquaintances.

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Two Worlds Embracing (Part 2)

by María L. Trigos S. Gilbert

From my last article, Two Worlds Embracing, I received some questions from one of my readers. I will answer them in this article in combination to some of the posted questions that myself included in that previous article. I think the following: No, it is not true that people’s opinions are always so accurate.

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Two Worlds Embracing

by María L. Trigos S. Gilbert

Friends and family complain when we don’t call or visit often enough. The same thing happens when we don’t call, do an online visit, chat, or write e-mail often enough with those people we have met online. These two worlds, one virtual and one “real” could collide, but my experience is that these human worlds are actually quite similar. When virtual and real worlds embrace, we all can learn more about each other in new and special ways.

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