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Welcome to Scientific Aesthetic

We welcome you to where we bring The Arts to Science to create understanding and foment meaning! !  We hope you enjoy our two logos:  One explains it all and the second suggests everything.  You’ll see both versions floating around the web in the weeks, decades, and centuries to come:


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Welcome to Memeingful

You are Memeingful

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Separating Semaphores from Semiotics

We love a Semiotic world where images can have a variety of meanings and influences depending on the eye perceiving the message.  

We also live in a Semaphoric world where specific images have a specific, non-negotiable, meaning that cannot, and must not, be open to individual interpretation.  In the image below, those flags, in that exact position, mean “Romeo” or “R” and if you don’t understand that Semaphore, you are unable to communicate or be understood.

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Traumatic Brain Injuries Erasing the Mind

Are we our minds? Or are we our bodies? I believe we are our minds and never our bodies. The body is disposable. The mind, with the right protections and preservations, can live forever. The brain is a container for the mind and the mind is a neural network of memories.

Those memories, both the learned and the innate, form a perception of us and others. When the container is unexpectedly corrupted — when the brain is damaged by injury or disease or psychic trauma — strange things begin to happen.

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Going to Preschool at 23

by Andrea Puckett

Two years ago, I went back to school. It wasn’t a college or a professional program, but it was preschool. This was my first time at attending a preschool because when I was a child I told my mom that I didn’t want to go to one and she didn’t send me. I attended not as a student but as a teacher. However, I think that I was the one that gained a world of knowledge.

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On Being Human, Part 2: Exceeding the Limits of Understanding

by Tammy Tillotson

To be human is to exist, within the limits of present human knowledge, as the apogee of the food chain, while simultaneously epitomizing and encompassing all aspects of the duality of nature in all its vast forms… So what? What does that really mean to me?

Life Lessons
I paid enough attention in 11th grade English to add apogee to the lexicon of my seemingly endless mental dictionary of contradictions. I believe the exact words the professor scrawled in red were something to the effect of “if this is the apogee of your writing efforts I suggest you make an appointment to see me about withdrawing.”

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On Becoming Frum

At some point during this last summer it became quite apparent how important my religion was to me. The question was, since I felt so strongly about it, why wasn’t I doing anything about it?

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