Once is Always Enough

One time is plenty.  A single experience can last a lifetime.  Once is always enough! 

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Helping a Math Dunce

I have never been a math genius. Or even a math sub-genius. Or even a non-genius. In fact, I’m a bit of a Math Dunce. I need your help in solving a math problem.

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Beware the Proclaimed Genius

If genius is born in collective ciphers then we need to be wary of those who proclaim their solitary and self-important Genius.

The Self-Indulgent Genius is a warning sign that kowtowing and deference are expected in any exchange of memes or communicative dyads — and to not show deference is to be scorned and mocked and wanted smaller.

When Genius is dealt to you — respect it and honor it and keep it quiet unless and until it is discovered by others — and always run from those who foretell their own place in history by trumpeting a quiet gift.