The Folly of Strict Constitutional Constructionism

English language experts wrote the United States Constitution.  When those authors wrote — “in order to form a more perfect Union” — they were making a hard and specific point that is lost on many of us today.

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The Spread of Democracy

by Luis Vega

The United States of America has a very distinct plan for the way foreign affairs are handled. Even though the Middle East, terrorism and fighting it is the main forum for the United States much has to be said for Latin America/Caribbean and what is going to occur in the future. The future will rest upon a couple of men in Latin America and the policy of the United States in Latin America. A couple of leaders and situations that will no doubt have an impact on where the United States stands, and what will be done in order to create and/or maintain some type of power in the region.

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The United States as World Cop

by Luis Vega

It is understandable why the United States situates itself in the position of world police or sometimes vicious big brother only doing things in the best interest of someplace else. To a certain extent this is all clear but is what is not so clear is why the United States feels it should put itself in one place and not the other.

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The United States vs. Microsoft

by Go Inside Premier Members

May 21, 1998

[Publisher’s Note: On May 18, 1998 the following questions from GO INSIDE Magazine Premier Members were sent to Microsoft and Waggener Edstrom (Microsoft’s outside PR arm) for answering. We informed Microsoft and Waggener Edstrom that we would publish these questions with or without answers because we need to show you that we are doing our best to get answers to the questions you fairly ask. As of today, Microsoft and Waggener Edstrom have yet to respond to your questions or even acknowledge receipt of our email. If and when we get answers, we’ll post them for you here.]

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