Never Speak to the Actors!

There’s an old, weary, chestnut in the theatre — that deserves to be burned alive, eaten whole, pooped out and buried in the deep blue sea and then never spoken of again — that goes a little something like this, when directors say to Playwrights: “Never Speak to the Actors!”

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We Are Not Alone: Gliese 581 is Another Earth

News broke last week that we have discovered another earth called “Gliese 581.”  Should we be thrilled with that news, or should we be terrified that there’s a whole “‘nother us” roaming the universe waiting to start a fight with any perceived threat to nation and globular home?

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God Is

by Keith Kenney

Something cannot come from a state of nonexistence that has nothing to work upon it. The idea of nothing is absolute. There must be something to make something out of nothing. For this reason, nothing can bring itself into existence. So we know that each thing must be contingent on something for it’s existence. Then perhaps there is a continual string of contingent beings bringing into existence other contingent beings. An illogical probability, one that I find neither rational nor satisfying, for there must be a beginning.

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