Early Childhood Education Prevents Future Crime

Growing up, my late grandmother used to tell me that the first seven years of a child’s life would determine the way that person would behave as an adult — this idea has been explored extensively by television and film director Michael Apted in his Up series of films, which revisits a diverse group of individuals around England every seven years since they were seven years old — they are now all close to fifty.

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Celebrity Infantilization of Cancer

When celebrities get involved with charity causes, be prepared to buy something after having it shilled to you — but have we sunk so low with the celebrity cause that we are now considered children in need of Pied Piping into the River for the drowning of our national sorrows?  You can’t throw a rock in the air today without it coming down and hitting an advertisement on a Viacom network — like MTV and VH1 — and not be smashed in the face with celebrity pleadings for “StandUp2Cancer.org.”

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Stand Up if You Plan to Play the Blues

If you want to effectively play The Blues — or any style of guitar, really — you need to get off your chair, strap in your guitar, and stand up!

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Getting Up and Out

Do you remember the moment when you decided to get up and move away from your hometown and family?

What that decision voluntary or not?

What prodded you to make the move: College, marriage, military service or something else?

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