How Technology Creeps into Everyday Existence to Become Ubiquitous

Let’s roll back our minds a decade to a time when people were not constantly on their smartphones.  Facebook isn’t in our everyday lives for another two years and Twitter will hatch a year after that in 2006.

Smartphones aren’t even called smartphones — they’re just dumb “cellular phones” that do rudimentary text messages without multimedia attachments like images and video.

That barren time in technology was still a difficult one of wide, generational, gaps when it came to the rapid, everyday, adoption of technology.

Those of us who grew up on payphones and single-line telephones in the home, were often put off, and perhaps, even offended by the younger among us who insisted that their cellphones were not just extensions of communication, but a very connectoid of being human.

When I was teaching at a major technical university on the East Coast way back when, I implored my students to not just put their phones on vibrate — at that time in the technological evolution, the vibration of the mechanism in the phone was just as loud as a ringtone — but to actually turn off their phones during the few times other students were giving a formal, graded, presentation in class.

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Facebook Platitudes, Jokes and Smart Things

Facebook can be a fascinating space.  Facebook can also be a bore.  I am always disappointed by friends who post wall updates that are copied and pasted from other sources.

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The Panopticonic Twitter Review

Twitter is the most Panopticonic method of self-regulating your own incarceration:  You’re basically talking to yourself out loud without any real context because you’re typing; but when a friend challenged me — nay, DARED ME — to try Twitter:  “How can you hate it if you never tried it?”  The gauntlet was thrown, the face was slapped, the dare:  Accepted!  You can see my Twitter homepage below:

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41 High Priority Updates

Yesterday I pulled through my collection of IBM ThinkPads to see which ones worked and which ones needed an update to start working again.
I found my old ThinkPad T40p with its massive — at that time — 40gig HDD that I used two years ago and ran into the ground with heavy usage. 

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