The Amazon Cloud Drive Review

Cloud Drive storage is big business.  I’m huge into hanging all my junk in the cloud.  I really like Google Drive and I also have backups to my Google Drive on SkyDrive and Amazon Cloud Drive.  The Amazon Cloud Drive is a much better service today than it was a year ago.  On my Mac, I can seamlessly upload all my iPhoto images with one click:

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How to Fix the "Unable to Sync" Google Drive Error

I am loving Google Drive.  I’m currently using 52% of my 80 gigs and everything is now online and properly backed up.  I did have a problem for a day that was annoying and took some sleuthing to find a fix.  If you are experiencing the greyed-out “Unable to Sync” error message, you are left to your own cure because there isn’t an official solution online from Google yet and the App itself offers no advice.  Today, I will share with you the fix I found that worked for me and might just get your Google Drive syncing again with your local Mac computer.

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The Google Music Beta Tutorial

Yesterday afternoon, I was delighted to open my Inbox to find this glorious invitation to join the Google Music beta!  Google Music is a cloud storage locker for music you already own.  You must upload all your music to the Google servers to have Google then stream it back for you at your convenience.  There is not currently a way to purchase music from Google and have it stored in your locker.  The service is currently free, but you are limited to storing 20,000 songs.  I clicked on the “Get Started” button to begin my musical Google journey!

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Google Docs Upload File Fiasco

There is something terribly wrong with the new batch file upload feature of Google Docs that was introduced this week. 
For two, solid, days, I’ve been trying to upload all my local doc files to Google Docs so I might live safely — and solely — in “the could” but it isn’t working as you can see in the screenshot below.  Error after error after error was presented as Google Docs choked on the uploading of simple Word document files.  What a sour and bitter disappointment!

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