U.S. Steel and The Theatre Guild

There was a Golden Decade in American television between the years 1952-1963 when live theatre performances were aired live on the young ABC Television network.  The show was called — ”The United States Steel Hour” — and it was produced by The Theatre Guild, and we’ve never had such a perfect blending of live performance for a national audience.

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Predator Drones Spying on American Citizens

The eye of the government is upon you.  Unmanned Predator drones — used so effectively to fill from afar in Iraq — have come home to roost on the USA border with Mexico:

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NTIA Revokes NeuStar Private .US Domain Registrations

The other day I went crazy and registered a ton of new domains and I wanted some that ended in “.us” but I was dismayed to find out from my domain registrar, Network Solutions, that “.us” domain names could not be protected via private registration. When I asked NetSol why they refused to privatize “.us” domains contact information, I was surprised to receive this reply:

Please note that the Private Registration service is not available for .US domain name registrations due to a dramatic change in the .US policy:

The United States Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has recently completed its review of anonymous domain registration services by .US Accredited Registrars. At the conclusion of this review, NTIA directed NeuStar to phase out the offering of such services by Registrars or by any of its partners or resellers … [emphasis added]”

While we do not agree with this mandate, Network Solutions will comply and no longer offer the Private Registration service for .US domain name registrations. This policy is in effect immediately and applies only to .US domain name registrations.

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