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Should I Choose Verizon FiOS Over Comcast?

I’m not a big fan of Comcast or Verizon — but I am a fan of saving 50% on my phone/internet/cable bill each month.  We have been Comcast customers since 2001, so our history with them has been both rough and pleasing.  Verizon FiOS is getting installed en masse in our neighborhood, and we were told by the landlord that Verizon would need access to our apartment to “run a FiOS installation line from the basement to our closet and then to all the closets above us in the building.”  We can choose to sign up for FiOS, or not, but the construction for installing a FiOS pipe will be done no matter what.

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Cancelling Verizon Voice and DSL

I’ve reached my end.  I give in.  I submit.  I’m cancelling my Verizon Voice and DSL service effective immediately.  I’m going with Comcast Cable’s Triple Play special instead. 

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Bizzaro World of Verizon DSL

An hour ago my Verizon phone line died and my DSL went belly up as well and I lost all connectivity.
I knew I should have Comcast Cable Internet, too!


I hate being disconnected from my virtual life!
Verizon are coming sometime tomorrow in a giant 12 hour service window to maybe fix my problem. We’ll see if they actually show up or not. My money is on Wednesday and not tomorrow.

And then — With my Voice line dead I decided to fire up my box to see if my WiFi hunter could borrow someone else’s bandwidth for a bit and I was surprised to see my DSL line is back up and working while my voice line is still dead.


I see there are new messages here and I will do my best to stay connected for as long as possible to answer them all but if I get cut off again and disappear for awhile you’ll know it’s because of Verizon and not because I no longer love you.

The Motorola Timeport 8767 & Verizon Wireless

Yesterday I took delivery of a brand new tri-mode Motorola Timeport 8767 phone on the Verizon Wireless system. Compared to my nearly year old Motorola StarTAC 7868W, the 8767 is dynamic, fun and light years ahead of the 7868W in design, user friendliness and functionality. I have been a strong advocate of the 7868W but after having the 8767 for less than 24 hours, I am sold on the new phone’s overall friendliness and greater aesthetic. I paid $250 for the phone with a one year Verizon Wireless contract. Let me break down the reasons for you now as to why the 8767 is one great phone:

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