Strengthening the Binding Between Virtual Violence and Real Aggressiveness

On May 12, 2008, I wrote — Violent Imagination Shaping Brain Reality — and the argument for that article was that we are formed and influenced by every experience, be it real or virtual, and that is why we must not seek out violence in our entertainment and pastime memes because the aftereffects are too dwelling in our real lives:

One can no longer argue gory movies, neighborhood killings and violent video games do not re-shape the brain in bad and terrifying ways.

One need not kill in order to perceive the effects of murder on the body by the brain — and that is a harsh and bitter reality for us to accept when so willfully immerse our children in a culture of violence and celebrated bad behavior.

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When Does Graphic Violence Become too Real?

I was wandering around YouTube the other day, when the service recommended this video — X-Men Origins: Wolverine — as something that should interest me based on my previous watch patterns.  I was surprised YouTube wanted me to view a trailer for a video game, because I really only watch Blues videos.  When the Wolverine clip began playing, I was immediately incensed by disgust and fury because of the blatant blood and gory exploitation:

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Ten Years of Pokémon

Though today has the significance and honor of being the 15th anniversary of the World Wide Web as we know it today I would like to bring to your attention another anniversary of great significance : the 10th anniversary of the phenomenon known as Pokémon. As time goes on the two grow together in certain ways and the series continues to gain fans from all over the world. I wasn’t a fan at first but after I started playing last year I realized what a good thing it was.

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