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Pixel Ownership and the Associated Press

What is wrong with the Associated Press?  In the example below, the AP is making an insane claim of a photographic image Copyright violation against the Obama poster artist.

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LaLa Breaks Users Privacy

LaLa is on online music service.  LaLa allows you to be invisible — and unbothered — on their system except, it seems, when they decide to violate your privacy to ask you in email why you want to remain private on their service.

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No Private Parts Privacy

With gasoline peaking at $4.00USD a gallon — more than twice as much as a year ago — it makes one wonder if that devastating blow to the commoner’s pocket is a governmental feint to hide the insidious loss of more valuable and basic liberties.

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Lecture Notes and Copyright

Anything an instructor says or presents in a classroom belongs solely to the instructor and not the university or the students.  This innate invocation of the right to Copyright original spoken and written material belongs solely to the mind creating the information: The Instructor.

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