Of Priests and Despots

Thomas Jefferson makes a stinging point from the grave:

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Semiotic Scathing of Guns in America

Public Opinion is formed in America in the disparate experiences of the masses that the major media then forms and congeals into an entity that can be measured and exploited via advertising.
The Editorial Cartoon, however, has always found its most purposeful purchase just outside that mainstream media venom line to pock and poke fun of falsely considered mainstream media values with sticks of truth and the bones of what is real. 

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A Pornographic Hectoring from the Grave

NBC News’ Brian Williams breathlessly resurrected a killer before our eyes last night in the visceral perversion of airing the pornographic rantings of a madman — under the guise of news and beneath the veil of human contempt — thus guaranteeing a shooter’s immortality while completely burying the names and the accomplishments of the real and undeserved dead. 

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Tombstones Replacing Diplomas: A Deadeye Massacre at Virginia Tech

The assassination of 33 students at Virginia Tech yesterday — creating the bloodiest massacre among 25,000 students across 2,600 campus acres in the modern history of the United States — begs the relationship between revenge, access to guns, and the rightful expression of fury in a civilized society.

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Children & Chipmunks

by Tammy Tillotson

“We’re the Chipmunks,
We’re the Chipmunks,
Guaranteed to brighten your day!”
–Alvin & The Chipmunks

It was pretty simple how quickly Alvin, Simon, and Theodore became after-school icons for my two sisters and me. The three of us just assumed that we had been the inspiration behind these adorable characters. Though my older sister was short, round, and pudgy like Theodore, my younger sister and I fought a somewhat constant battle over which of us would be Alvin each afternoon. Fun and comical Alvin always got more attention than the somewhat geeky and brainy Simon. Yet collectively, the personalities of each balanced out the trio, and they learned to depend on each other and get along despite their differences, as did my sisters and I.

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