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The Gospel Blues of B.J. Reagon

B.J. Reagon — Dr. Bernice Johnson Reagon — is one of those rare SuperGenius talents that cannot be boxed in by mind or musical genre.  Is she a Blues singer?  Is she a Gospel singer?  Is she a Folk singer?

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Make Better Dialogue by Reading it Out Loud

In 1990, I attended a summer camp for children with talent in art — I applied to the writing division and was quite pleased to be accepted. It was a sort of validation that came with the knowledge that somebody that wasn’t extremely biased (my family) actually thought that my writing was better than average. I spent many hours writing and rewriting stories, short plays, monologues, character sketches, and just about any other form of fiction that you can imagine.

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at&t Exploits the Flock by Marking the Spot

If you have an iPhone, you know the new Verizon advertising push humiliating at&t for their lousy 3G coverage is well-earned and deserved. 
Yesterday, at&t released a fascinating app for the iPhone — Mark the Spot — that lets every iPhone user on their network precisely report problem network areas and spotting cellular coverage.  Thank you, Verizon, for pressing at&t into finally doing the right thing… even if it’s three years too late.

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Fun with Google Apps Mobile

If you aren’t using Google Apps Mobile yet on your iPhone, you need head into iTunes and download it today!  My favorite part of Google Apps Mobile is playing with the Voice Search feature.  You speak it.  Google Apps Mobile will find it on the web for you.  Most of the time.  As you can see in the screenshot below, I did a previously successful search for “cochlear implants” — not an easy or expected couple of words to “get” but Google got ’em — and then I decided to speak “Panopticonic”  to see how astute Google was at blending the new with the known.

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The Comcast Triple Play Home Run

I was never a fan of cable modem internet service — mainly because you share that copper wire with up to 100 of your neighbors — but I now recant that condition after experiencing the Comcast Triple Play package overt the last three weeks.  I now have superlative broadband internet access, extensive HD cable programming and digital voice telephony.  My internet connection is so fast up and down that even the Speakeasy Speed Test gets whacked trying to make sense of it as you can see below:

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Activating Racial Stereotypes

During the infamous O.J. Simpson trial, attorney Johnnie Cochran — who used his magnificent mind to defend the indefensible and paid the wages of sin with an inoperable brain tumor — claimed during that awful trial it was Racist to identify a Black man by voice alone.
Do you agree with Cochran or not?

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