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The Wal-Mart Radio Grill

by Sergio Vinocur

Does Wal-Mart really care about the community? Isn’t Wal-Mart even the least bit concerned about correcting Priority Violations? Where do the complaint forms and ‘letters to the President’ end up? I used to be a loyal Wal-Mart customer, until 2 weeks ago. Please read the following email I sent to the President.

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Wal-Mart or Wal-Bad?

by María L. Trigos-Gilbert

“Have a good day.” “How are you doing today?” “Did you find everything okay?” “Thanks for shopping here.” Those words are nice after you have spent a pretty good amount of money in any given store. Certainly the amount of importance varieties from one customer to another. For example, if I spend $100.00 in one place, this may not be a big amount of money for you, though it may be a big deal for me. The case is that we all want good service, in spite of the amount of money that we may spend in a store, restaurant, or any other place.

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