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Sniffing Out Sweetheart Site Hosting Deals

Today, I want to warn you about Sweetheart Website hosting deals that you may not know about, or fully understand.  Those backroom deals may unwittingly influence your buying decisions.

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Google Analytics Review

If you aren’t using Google Analytics to track yourGoogle Analytics website visitors and performance, you should get on board because the service is free and robust and the discovery process may tell you things you don’t want to know but need to know about the sites you operate.

Once you sign up for Google Analytics — you may not be able to do it right this moment because their service is overwhelmed — and you add a little bit of script code to the raw HTML of every page you want to track, you will begin to see the magic of what is really happening on your sites behind the browser. 

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More Yahoo! Search Marketing Foolishness

On Tuesday I wrote a review called Yahoo! Search Marketing Foolishness where I recounted my unfortunate experience with that internet advertising program. Yesterday, to my surprise, I was contacted via email by Michael E. from Yahoo! Search Marketing at 3:43pm Eastern.

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Poor Richard's Web Site

by Joyce Kohl

Finally, a fully instructional step-by-step and comprehensive “textbook” for planning, creating, and publicizing your business or personal Website is here! Poor Richard’s Web Site: Geek-Free, Commonsense Advice On Building a Low-Cost Web Site (that’s the full title of the book reviewed here) leads both novice and experienced Webmasters through the entire process of designing functional no-nonsense Websites and then getting visitors to beat a path to your “door.”

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