To Go East or West

When you are born into the unimaginative middling Midlands of the United States, the question you must put to yourself as an artist upon reaching the age of consent is: “Which way do I get out of here?”  Many are never brave enough to ask that question while a tender few take the path of safety and satiety and move South to Kansas City or North to Minneapolis or Chicago.  The rest of us head out headlong into the left or right and that is the keystone question of the day:  “Do I go East or West?”

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Kanye West Throws a Fit at the Video Music Awards

When I was a child, I was told that it didn’t matter whether you won or lost because it was how you played the game that mattered the most. I can’t help but think that rap artist Kanye West, master of crybabyism, never took that lesson to heart. Over the past five years, Mr. West has taken it upon himself to find every opportunity to loudly complain when things have not gone his way — some of which have been well documented.

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Cornel West

The other day I was watching America’s Black Forum on ABC Channel 7 in New York from 1:00pm-1:30pm and the discussion between Juan Williams, Julian Bond, Armstrong Williams, John Zogby and Cornel West was a difficult and an important discussion about democracy, The Patriot Act and our role as active citizens.
It was mesmerizing watching how Dr. West pressed for, and ultimately required, an apology from Armstrong Williams for a petulant and disrespectful tone he perpetuated in the discussion against Mr. Zogby. 

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